Satella Charitable Organization [SCO] is a local Civil Society Organization established under registration number 5062 with the F.D.R.E Civil Society Agency in 2012 E.C. Satella’s founders and board members have extensive experience in facilitating trainings and organizing different forums for young people on various topics.

Through the motivational trainings we have provided during the last 5 years, we have reached over 2,000 youth. 


Vision: To be one of the leading organizations in Ethiopia enhancing economic opportunities for Women and improve their livelihood.

Mission: Empowering women to achieve their goals through the provision of trainings and mentorship programs in life skills, business and leadership.


  • We are passionate about empowering women visionaries without losing their traditional values
  • We cultivate the spirit of positivity and one’s potential
  • We believe in a strong work culture
  • We believe in collaboration.
  • We aim to improve consistently

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